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Why it’s good to set goals

I’m very happy that I started to post these short blog entries on my webpage. I took a minute tonight to look through my posts, and found them to be very helpful in bringing back some my thoughts on what I had been doing, and the direction that I wanted my work to take, and seeing I had made some very positive enhancements to my business. I have to set aside time to reflect on what I want to accomplish, and to always look to continue to provide the best service I can. Speaking of which, I have received some great comments from people I have worked for, and I’d like to post some of that here soon. It’s just a good reminder to myself why I do this, and what it can mean for those who receive my service.

Currently, I bring at least 2 cameras, and often 3 cameras on every job. this allows me to get different points of interest, and also multiple audio sources. I’ve branched out a bit, and even took a job in PA. I’m working with so many different types of shows. Most recently, I worked at Don’t Tell Mama in NYC to record a benefit show, Cabaret Beats Cancer. I’ve also recorded student shows at the Manhattan School of Music, as well as an advanced camp for performers in PA. I’ve recorded so many talented songwriters, and performers in a variety of settings, and this experience has been good on the recording end of things, but also to enhance my own understanding of what a good performance looks and feels like. It’s a grand life.

Canon C100 w/ Sigma 18-250 Lens

Primary Camera - Canon C100

Canon C100 Close Up

Canon C100 Close Up

Canon G40 with Shure Microphone

Secondary Camera - Canon G40

Three Canon Cameras on the Job

Cameras on the job
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