Videography and Video Editing

I truly enjoy capturing moments and hours of video from cabaret shows and open mics, to concerts, and weddings. It’s all good, and I go all out to come up with the best product for each individual. I generally carry two cameras with me everywhere I go, as well as a digital audio recorder. The recorder is usually plugged into a sound system, and can be used to mix with the audio from the cameras.

I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the videos. There I can crop out scenes that are not wanted, adjust audio, color, and many other things. I can create DVDs with customized DVD menus to share with friends and family. I also create internet ready videos, which I generally email links to after uploading to Dropbox. See Dropbox download instructions. Some people don’t like using the download services, and so I sometimes upload videos to my Youtube channel, or even put them on data discs. The standard delivery is electronic, and sent through email, but I can make arrangements for CD/DVD delivery, and I do have a service for uploading to Youtube. (Some like the YouTube upload service because time is money, but many can upload the youtube on their own to save a few dollars. Here’s a video from YouTube on uploading YouTube Videos).

My prices are also very reasonable. Call or email for your free quote.