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Multitasking or Weaving similar activities

I often say that we aren’t built to multitask. In the busy world I create for myself, I learn how to weave the aspects of each activity so that they might coincide and provide a natural flow between activities. Right now, I started working on video editing, and so I have Adobe Premiere Pro open. I just finished some color corrections, and other minor fixes to the video I shot this weekend at The Salon, NYC. Then, I jumped to my webpage, which I am working on here and there to enhance and pump some life into that. In doing so, I worked with colors, and presentation, and information. All used in the third project I’m working on this evening.

But, there is a limit to what we can do, and more importantly, what we can do well. So, I’ll take a break from the webpage, and from the videos for just a few minutes, and come back fresh.

Canon C100 w/ Sigma 18-250 Lens

Primary Camera - Canon C100

Canon C100 Close Up

Canon C100 Close Up

Canon G40 with Shure Microphone

Secondary Camera - Canon G40

Three Canon Cameras on the Job

Cameras on the job
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